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Aurelia Electron app built with Webpack
TypeScript HTML CSS
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A basic boilerplate to build Electron apps with Aurelia and Webpack.

The app simply lists connected USB devices and updates when changes are detected.

  • Builds and bundles both main and renderer processes
  • Supports hot-module-reload in the renderer process
  • Bundles all JavaScript and excludes node_modules from packaged app for smallest app size and fastest startup
  • Use vscode to debug both processes simultaneously with breakpoints in original source files
  • Native modules are built and included

Getting Started

From the project folder, execute the following commands:

yarn install

Development Build

To build the app in development mode run:

yarn build:dev

To build the app in development/watch mode with HMR in the renderer, run:

yarn watch

and in another console start the app with:

yarn start

Alternatively, in vscode, go to Debug, select the Debug Both Processes configuration and start the debug session with breakpoints in either process.

Production Build

To build the app in production mode and run it, run:

yarn build && yarn start

Building Releases

To package the app and create a distributable for the current platform, run:

yarn build && yarn release
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