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	5. FAQ


Rubyripper aims to deliver high quality rips from audio cd's to your computer
drive. It tries to do so by ripping the same track with cdparanoia multiple 
times and then comparing the results. It currently has a gtk2 and a command-
line interface.

Some of it's main features:
* graphical (gtk2) and command line interface
* a secure rip method -> see 2. SECURE RIP METHOD
* editable freedb tag fetching
* flac, vorbis, mp3, wav support
* any other codec by passing the command
* multiple codec encoding in one run
* offset support
* pass parameters to cdparanoia
* playlist creation
* logfile with analysis of corrected and impossible to correct positions
* MD5sum for each track included in the logfile


The underlying philosophy is that errors are random and therefore will differ 
with each trial. Since the files don't always match directly proves that at 
least part of this is true. However, it might be that some read errors are not 
random and will happen exactly the same with multiple trials. In this case an 
error would slip through unnoticed.

A completely secure rip can never be guaranteed, neither by Exact Audio Copy 
(which inspired Rubyripper), nor by any other ripper. Factors like the 
quality of the audio-cd and the quality of the cdrom drive are very important 
as well. Despite these problems Rubyripper tries to do it's very best.

The user can set a number of 'A' matches for each chunk of 1000 bytes. Each 
chunk represents about 0,006 seconds. If, after ripping the track 'A' times,
there are chunks that don't match 'A' times, another trial is launched. This
time however, the mismatched chunks must match 'B' times, which can be equal,
but not smaller to 'A' times.

When Rubyripper has finished the ripping process, a suspicious positions
analysis will be added to the logfile. For each second in the file it will
be shown how much mismatched chunks there were originally. And at which trial
these were corrected or not at all.

It's possible to set a limit to the number of times a track is ripped. For some
tracks it seems impossible to ever get a correct rip. The amount of errors left
are usually very small though. It's not likely one actually will be able to
hear this.


* cdparanoia
* ruby

* ruby-gettext (for translations)
* ruby-gtk2 (for gtk2 gui)
* cd-discid or discid (for proper freedb support)
* eject or diskutil for MacOS (for eject support)
* flac, oggenc, lame (if the codec is wanted)
* wavgain, vorbisgain, mp3gain (for replaygain support)
* normalize (for normalize support)

Run from directory:
(1) ./rubyripper_gtk2.rb or
(1) ./rubyripper_cli.rb

To install:
(1) ./configure --enable-lang-all --enable-gtk2 --enable-cli --prefix=/usr or
(1) ./configure --enable-lang=de,hu --enable-gtk2 --enable-cli --prefix=/usr
(2) make install
The executables will be named `rrip_cli` and `rrip_gui`

To uninstall: (1) `make uninstall`
To cleanup: (1) `make clean`


The CLI now works in MacOS. However, if your cdparanoia version
doesn't support the -d switch (to set the device), only the default
drive can be used. Rubyripper doesn't do this for you, so if you got
weird results with freedb fetching, use your other cdrom drive.

A cdparanoia port for MacOS that supports the -d switch can be found here:

For MacOS on x86 systems cd-discid is not working (ppc does), but discid is:
website => http://discid.sourceforge.net/
You can also test the fallback code for creating the discid ourselves,
but it may not work on audio-cd's with a data track.

---------0.6.0 RELEASE------
* get advanced toc scanning with help of cdrdao
* support for hidden tracks before track 1
* optionally set how many seconds a hidden track at least must be
* optionally not rip sectors before track 1 (prevent crashes for some drives)
* option to either append / prepend pregaps
* option for pre-emphasis handling
* fix rips with discs that start with a data track once again
* all new options result in a correct cuesheet (like EAC)

---------0.5.7 RELEASE------
* a fix for discs that start with a data track
* a fix for checking the available space for some languages
* a few fixes for the OpenBSD platform
* fix a typo in the logfile when errors were corrected
* don't replace bracquets in filenames -> []
* fix a typo which resulted in a directory not containing the album name
* allow multiple encoding threads once again :)

---------0.5.6 RELEASE------
* fix a problem with cdparanoia and last track on some drives
* implement "abort" button while ripping
* add Bulgarian translation
* support for multiple-disc albums
* some ruby-1.9 syntax fixes
* fix various artist field for other codec
* don't convert to ISO-8859-1 for lame if the character isn't supported
* add an option to replace spaces with underscores
* add an option to lowercase all filenames.
* remove the hardcoded --id3v2only tag

---------0.5.5 RELEASE------
* Set lower priority to encoding processes
* Fix image rips crash
* Some CLI enhancements
* Removed -p option of vorbis since it didn't work as intended.
* Add Swedish translation and update others
* Make the other codec setting more foolproof
* Fix problem with proxy without password

---------0.5.4 RELEASE------

* disable threaded encoding, because since the ruby-gtk2 0.17
release forking a process within a thread results in a freeze.
Hopefully a more elegant solution will follow.
* add French translation
* add proxy support

---------0.5.3 RELEASE------

* fix detection of some devices
* update Hungarian / German translation
* fix permissions on install + other small config fixes
* add totaltracks tag
* add albumartist tag
* add support for lame 3.98: all genre tags now allowed
* mention the artist / album in the summary page
* add accelerator keys
* encoding errors are now always reported
* support weird characters in tags, while disabling in the filename
* small fixes here and there

---------0.5.2 RELEASE------

* add a check for permission while reading the cdrom drive
* fix the configure script to obey the not needing ruby-gettext dependency
* fix the terrible state of the command-line client

---------0.5.1 RELEASE------

* important fix that prevents creating corrupted wav files
* move over to one single language file
* make ruby-gettext optionally
* single file ripping supported
* cuesheet support
* some small fixes all over the place

---------0.5.0 RELEASE------

* Make freedb work again (using http instead of socked connection)
* Add basic support for normalize using "mp3gain/wavgain/vorbisgain/metaflac"
* Add basic support for normalize using "normalize"
* Ability to set multiple processes for encoding tasks (for all those dualcores)
* Support to load freedb from local $HOME/.cddb folder
* Reload disc metadata from the internet if same disc is still in the drive
* Some fixes so the gtk2 interface (resizing, grey out buttons)
* Fix for some cases the preferences weren't saved in time
* Cdparanoia installation check on startup, prevents mysterious error
* Option to not keep the logfile if no correction is needed
* When warning that a directory already exists, mention which directory
* Save various artist correctly on local yaml file
* Get a larger icon for even more beauty, also install it conform standards
* Use some environment variables
* Add Spanish translation
* Look if an encoding process exited normally and otherwise WARN
* Any other fix I missed

---------0.4.4 RELEASE------

* Add Hungarian and Russian translation
* Update the install procedure. Most distributions can now
easily wrap the install to their standard procedure for packaging.
After running the configure script a Makefile is created. In the configure
phase --prefix is supported. With the make install --prefix and $DESTDIR
 are both supported. If any wishes remain, please file an issue.
* rake is no longer needed as dependency
* helpfile.rb is no longer needed (replaced by configure)
* the Makefile is no longer needed (auto-created by configure)
* the Rakefile is no longer needed (replaced by configure)

---------0.4.3 RELEASE------

* first release that's translatable. Dutch and German languages 
are supported initially. This adds the ruby-gettext dependency.
* check if there is write permission on the output location
* improve other codec support (actually make it work)
* unicode fixes in tags
* off by one error. First sector was always read once
* some small fixes all over the place

----------0.4.2 RELEASE------

* kill a memory leak, reduces memory use a lot with long tracks
* removed the ruby-libglade2 dependency (ruby-gtk2 still needed)
* implemented a dialog for the case that an ouput directory already exists
* license included as a file: the GPL-3 License
* changed location of settings file to $HOME/.rubyripper/settings
* saving of (edited) freedb metadata to local disk $HOME/.rubyripper/freedb.yaml
* added a .desktop file for auto inclusion in for instance the KDE menu
* a lot of small fixes

----------0.4.1 RELEASE------

* fix a typo that prevented the loading of the icon after install and resulted in a crash
* fix a bug where basedirs with a space would result in a crash
* correct a typo for 'other codec'
* make the parsing of rubyripper_settings file more foolproof
* change the way 'Preferences' are shown. No more closebutton, but dynamic sidebutton

----------0.4 RELEASE---------

* rewrite of gtk2 interface => improved usability
* MacOS support (cli interface)
* improved freedb support (various artists, long tracknames)
* fix for all known bugs of 0.3 release

----------0.3 RELEASE---------

* some gtk2 interface improvements
* some cli interface improvements
* make the freedb options now configurable
* multiple freedb hits handling
* removed cdda2wav support and dependency (too many bugs in cdda2wav)
* removed ruby-freedb dependency, replaced with cd-discid
* option to set amount of matches for all chunks
* option to set amount of matches for erronous chunks
* time based error reporting, no more chunk based
* option to use any codec by using an external command
* Makefile for easy installing / de-installing
* Fix for all known bugs of 0.2 release

5. FAQ

Q : Why does the last track go slower than the rest?
A : Chances are that you've supplied an offset different than 0 and supplied the
option -Z to cdparanoia. A cdparanoia bug prevents finishing ripping the last
track if -Z is supplied, so it's automatically removed for the last track.

Q : Will Rubyripper work on any platform other than linux?
A : If the same dependencies are available on these platforms, then things will
probably just work fine. If some of the dependencies are missing, but you do
know one other utility which does just about the same, please report a 
feature request at the Google bugtracker.

Q : How do I report a bug / request a missing feature?
A : Go to http://code.google.com/p/rubyripper/issues/list. The Rubyripper
developer will typically respond within one week. You can add your e-mail,
so any changes or updates in the bug will be send to you.

Q : How do I get the very latest code (I don't care how many bugs there are)?
A : Using git. See the wiki for instructions.

Q : My buttons don't react and give the following error in a terminal:
warning: GRClosure invoking callback: already destroyed Callback error
A : Upgrade your ruby gtk bindings to a >=0.16.* version.

Q: How can I help translate rubyripper to my language?
A: See the wiki for instructions


Bug tracker + filehosting + subversion server + wiki : http://code.google.com/p/rubyripper/