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This is a project to build the canonical checklist application in ClojureScript with the new core.async libraries.

This is more of a "teach myself some stuff" project than a "teach other people anything" project for now. To start with, I'm taking Bruce Hauman's indispensable exegesis of what core.async means in a ClojureScript context and stripping out the server-side stuff somewhat, so the result is cljs for the client side and static HTML on the server. (I'm still using ring as a server, since lein will just download the right jars and fire it up.)

In the future I may try to mess around on the server side enough to at least get a jade compiler working, since for my personal projects I like to live in an alternate timeline where SGML-derived syntax remained confined to some benighted IBM commercial backwater, where it belongs. Ryan Greenhall's clj-jade library looks like the most promising route to this presently.