A ClojureScript interface to the Pikaday javascript date-picker
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cljs-pikaday is intended to provide a native ClojureScript interface to the Pikaday JavaScript date picker, intended for use in the various ClojureScript react frameworks.

The implementation currently works for reagent (I'm hoping to add an Om implementation soon, and maybe a nicer interface for re-frame).

cljs-pikaday currently uses plain JavaScript Date objects for its values - I'd like to have it able to use cljs-time and/or moment at some point, because ugh, JavaScript Date objects.


Add [cljs-pikaday "0.1.3"] to your project's :dependencies vector:

Clojars Project

reagent interface

The reagent implementation accepts an ratom (or reaction) as its input. When the user selects a new date, the component will update the atom, and if the atom is updated elsewhere, the date-picker will display the new date.

There is a more fleshed-out example in the examples/reagent directory, but the simplest way to use it would be something like this:

(ns cljs-pikaday.core
    (:require [reagent.core :as reagent]
              [cljs-pikaday.reagent :as pikaday]))

(defonce the-date (reagent/atom (js/Date.)))

(defn home-page []
  [:div [:h2 "Select a date"]
    [pikaday/date-selector {:date-atom the-date}]])

(reagent/render [home-page] (.getElementById js/document "app")))

pikaday/date-selector returns code for an <input> tag, and sets up various reagent lifecycle methods to instantiate and bind a Pikaday instance. When the user selects a new date in the input field, the atom passed in to the :date-atom property will be reset! with its new value.

There is an example reagent project which demonstrates some additional functionality.


Pikaday comes with its own CSS file, which is autoloadable through various javascript packaging tools. If an interface to these exists in ClojureScript I can't find it, so as a workaround it's probably easiest to simplly download the pikaday.css file from github and reference it in your HTML.


  • document min/max date atoms
  • Om interface
  • tests(!)