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  • The user should be able to select a particular week from a calendar picker and use that as the week range to get data from.

  • Checkins for events should have those event names get high priority.

  • Possible name change?

  • Pass venue icons from back-end to front-end (and probably scale them up or use smaller album icons)

  • If we exhaust every possible search term for a track, there should be a placeholder, which should probably be 4'33".

  • users should be able to optionally provide their usernames instead of logging all the way in, or opt-out of authentication entirely and just get a playlist

  • Finish the playlist creation bit for logged-in users

  • I should shamelessly rip off (with credit) the drag-and-drop Spotify creation method which Spotibot uses.

  • Better yet, I should be able to create a playlist in rdio, since they have a better API.

  • We should look for badges earned during the week and bubble them up


  • Publish weighted list as its own library, with unit tests and the like (it's up at js-weighted-list)
  • I may need to develop some sort of weighted-probability thing for javascript, since I have several cases where I need to choose between several alternatives, I want to prefer some outcomes, and the complete set of possible outcomes is not know beforehand.

  • In general, the server should perform and foursquare authentication and then pass those values to the front-end. The front-end should store them in a session cookie. User-facing URLs should display conditionally based on the existence of these cookies (I'm assuming no CDN caching for now).

Example record with event

{u'comments': {u'count': 0, u'items': []},
 u'createdAt': 1329883654,
 u'event': {u'foreignIds': {u'count': 1, u'items': [{u'domain': u'', u'id': 0}]},
            u'id': u'4ed84f237ed17c8b0570c82b',
            u'name': u'Frankie Rose, Dive and Night Manager'},
 u'id': u'4f446a06e4b0c38dc8499ee5',
 u'photos': {u'count': 0, u'items': []},
 u'source': {u'name': u'foursquare for Android', u'url': u''},
 u'timeZone': u'America/New_York',
 u'type': u'checkin',
 u'venue': {u'categories': [{u'icon': {u'name': u'.png',
                                       u'prefix': u'',
                                       u'sizes': [32, 44, 64, 88, 256]},
                             u'id': u'4bf58dd8d48988d1e9931735',
                             u'name': u'Rock Club',
                             u'pluralName': u'Rock Clubs',
                             u'primary': True,
                             u'shortName': u'Rock Club'}],
            u'contact': {u'formattedPhone': u'(347) 529-6696',
                         u'phone': u'3475296696',
                         u'twitter': u'knittingfactory'},
            u'id': u'4aa6ccdaf964a520064b20e3',
            u'location': {u'address': u'361 Metropolitan Ave.',
                          u'city': u'Brooklyn',
                          u'country': u'United States',
                          u'crossStreet': u'at Havemeyer St.',
                          u'lat': 40.71431895905386,
                          u'lng': -73.95588642919986,
                          u'postalCode': u'11211',
                          u'state': u'NY'},
            u'name': u'The Knitting Factory',
            u'stats': {u'checkinsCount': 7411, u'tipCount': 63, u'usersCount': 5021},
            u'verified': False}},
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