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This directory contains configuration file templates and examples for
cross compiling Erlang/OTP. The configuration files should be supplied to
$ERl_TOP/otp_build in the ./otp_build env_cross command to set up an
appropriate environment for cross compiling.

Copy the template file erl-xcomp.conf.template to an appropriate name
and fill in at least the mandatory parts before attempting cross
compilation. See the template file for details on configuration
parameters and see the example erl-xcomp-TileraMDE2.0-tilepro.conf for
an example of a working configuration file.

The support for cross compiling is in it's early stage of development, 
it works for cross compiling some gnu/linux systems, but has only been partly 
tested for more esotheric platforms. The vxworks example file is highly 
dependent on our environment and is here more or less for internal use.

Please submit any patches for cross compiling in a way consistent with
this system. Variables should be added to the configuration file,
which is sourced both by $ERL_TOP/otp_build and each configure
script. If a new configuration variable is needed for your system, add
it to the template file, use it in otp_build and/or configure and
submit the patch to erlang-patches for further integration into the
main branch. All input is welcome as we cannot possibly have all cross
compiling environments out there to test with.