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The Cool Calculator App by Timothy Hoang

The Cool Calculator App

To view this app online

To edit the source code

  1. Have NPM and NodeJS installed on your computer
  2. Navigate to the directory of choice and type git clone
  3. Alternatively, you can also fork the repo and clone it (no future updates planned)
  4. Open up your favorite editor and have fun


  • The Calculator App is a basic app that carries out MDAS operations
  • This app is designed for anyone and can be used by everyone
  • Currently: final stage, no more future updates planned (as of 2/6/2018)


  • Users can carry out operations with order of operations: multiply or divide and addition or subtraction
  • Users can also clear the screen and use decimals in calculations
  • Users can chain multiple operations on a single screen and also subsequent operations after totaling (equal)
  • Users can use their keyboards or mouse to click on the buttons
  • Users can enjoy button animate when clicked or keys are pressed for entry recognition

Minor Features

  • Escape key will clear the screen
  • Enter key will calculate total
  • Other keys (0-9, *, /, +, 0) are mapped as normal


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

More pictures

Calculation Step

Calculation Step

Result Step

Result Step