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The Respondez App

Respondez App


  • The Respondez App is a lightweight event management system
  • It was named off of the popular expression "respondez s'il vous plait", or R.S.V.P. for short
  • I want to built this out of the desire for our Free Code Camp Ashburn Group so we can manage our events external from popular platforms such as Facebook or Meetup
  • Best used for other Free Code Camp Groups who want to have their own Event/RSVP/Comment system


  • Log in and authenticate with your Github account
  • Event system for user to create, update, and remove their events
  • RSVP system for user to add and remove their responses
  • Comment system for user to write and delete their comments
  • Events attend system for user to view past attended events

Minor Features

  • Rule of 3: The event list, user attended list, and the update event lists will only show the latest 3 entries respectively
  • Spinning loader during login and page loading
  • Deleted events are also removed from a user's attended list
  • View user github description on hover over rsvp photo of Attendees section
  • View date and time of comments on hover of Comments section
  • View location of events on hover of My Events section


To run this project

Method 1: Visit deployed website

  1. Visit to view deployed app

Method 2: Download repo to view on local computer

  1. Have NPM and NodeJS installed on your computer
  2. Copy the URL address this repo:
  3. Open the terminal and go to the directory of choice, then run git clone
  4. Run npm install to install all the depedencies of the app
  5. Copy src/helpers/baseExample.js to src/helpers.base.js and fill in your Firebase config details
  6. Run npm start to start the server
  7. The app should auto-load with Create React App, otherwise, navigate to localhost:3000 on your browser