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Wanderlustoria Intro Page

To view this app online


  • Wanderlustoria is an picture sharing platform for travel-enthusiasts to share their experience and inspire others to travel
  • Sign up for an account, share photos and stories, comment on other stories, and make new friends
  • Currently: Stable Version v1.0 -- updates are possible, not currently planned (as of 4/15/2018)


  • A fast, powerful platform built with NodeJS/ExpressJS/MongoDB
  • Upload photos which are hosted on Cloudinary
  • Sign up and log into your own account with PassportJS
  • Auto-finds Google Map of location with use of Geocoder API
  • Add/update/delete stories with user login
  • Add/update/delete comments with user login
  • Create/update/delete your own user profile
  • Check out other user's profiles
  • Reset your forgotten passwords via email with Nodemail API

Admin Features

  • Access the admin dashboard to view the newest data
  • Create new cities and edit them, an admin only ability
  • Update/delete users/cities/stories/comments

App flow

As a user

  1. Register a new account
  2. Set up your profile by clicking your name on the top right
  3. Don't forget to fill out your profile by click on the your name at the top right
  4. Check out the available cities or request a new one from the admins via the contact form on home page
  5. Post a new story under a city
  6. Post comments on other stories
  7. Enjoy learning about new places and making friends
  8. Character limits are as follows: 1000 character limit for story body, 500 for user bio, 280 for user comments

As an admin

  1. Register an account as normal
  2. Log into the Mongo database and grant admin permissions with db.<your user database>.update({ username: "<username>" }, { $set: { isAdmin: true }}) if using command line or log into mLAB and edit directly
  3. Now admins should have all special abilities and user abilities
  4. Feel free to add new cities and administrate

Technologies for this project

  • NodeJS to host the back-end of the platform
  • ExpressJS to provide an easy-to-use framework to interface NodeJS
  • EJS to write javascript in view files
  • MongoDB to store information in a non-relational manner via schemas and models
  • Mongoose to interface with Mongo Database
  • PassportJS to provide authentication and authorization
  • Cloudinary to host user-uploaded media
  • Imgur to host platform specific media
  • Heroku to provide back-end hosting
  • mLAB to provide back-end database hosting
  • connect-flash to display notifications for users
  • express-sanitizer to sanitize code for malicious code
  • moment to display times when stories and comments were posted
  • nodemailer to send forgot password emails
  • dotenv to load local environment variables
  • body-parser to parse information from user-input forms
  • eslint to keep code tidy
  • nodemon to monitor changes in app and restart the server automatically
  • locus to debugging routes in NodeJS
  • method-override to overwrite HTTP verbs like DELETE or PUT requests
  • node-geocoder to find destination location on google maps
  • multer to handle multipart forms such as uploading images

Possible Updates

  1. In-app messaging system
  2. Like/favorite system
  3. Pagination system for stories and comments (currently only cities)
  4. Comprehensive search system for all users/cities/stories/comments (currently only cities)
  5. Flight price checker external api
  6. Alternate authorization methods like Twitter, Facebook, Google

To edit the source code

  1. Have stable NPM and NodeJS versions installed on your computer
  2. Navigate to the directory of choice and type git clone
  3. Set up a MongoDB community server for a local database (recommended) or mLAB database for a free online database:
  4. For a Mongo Community server:
  1. For an MLAB database:
  • Sign up at mLab Home
  • Remember your username, password, and database name for the .env.variables file later
  1. You will also need API keys:
  • Cloudinary Name, API Key and API Secret to host pictures for your users
  • Gmail account to send users emails to reset their passwords
  • 2 Geocoder API Key to find the user-input location
  • You will need one Geocoder API key for the back-end to make requests without restrictions (GEOCODER_SERVER_API_KEY in .env), then another for the front end for the users to make requests (GEOCODER_CLIENT_API_KEY)
  1. Enter these api key variables in the .env.variables file and RENAME the file to .env when you are done
  • API variables inside .env are after the equal sign without quotes such as CLOUDINARY_API_SECRET=abc123
  • MLABDATABASE follows a format such as mongodb://<dbuser>:<dbpassword><database name>
  • LOCALDATABASE is for if you plan to run a local Mongo database, don't forget to change mongoose.connect() line in app.js
  • Fill in the information from the MLAB signup from step 5
  • If you plan on using the password reset feature, nodemailer also requires GMAIL Lesser Secure Apps Feature
  1. Run the MongoDB server with the terminal command mongod or have it linked up to MLAB database
  2. Run the node app with node app.js, or nodemon if installed, in the root directory
  3. Open up your favorite editor and hack away!

More pictures

Home Page

Wanderlustoria Home Page

Cities Page

Cities Page

Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboard Page

Story Page

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