This is a Dockerfile to set up Plex Media Server
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docker plex

This is a Dockerfile to set up ( "Plex Media Server") - (


Getting the docker image

Build from docker file

git clone
cd docker-plex
docker build -t timhaak/plex .

You can also obtain it via:

docker pull timhaak/plex

Running the docker image

Instructions to run:

docker rm -f plex
docker run --restart=always -d --name plex -h *your_host_name* -v /*your_config_location*:/config -v /*your_videos_location*:/data -p 32400:32400 timhaak/plex

When the container starts, it will initialize the config directory and the configuration is populated through environment variables that can be set using the command line or an envfile.

Browse to http://*ipaddress*:32400/web to run through the setup wizard.

By default, unauthenticated web access will only be available from the host machine and so to configure authentication for external access you will need a web browser on your host machine. If this is unavailable or you would like to have unauthenticated access from your LAN, then you can set the PLEX_ALLOWED_NETWORKS environment variable to the subnet of your LAN either temporarily for configuration or permenantly for unauthenticated LAN access.

Avahi Auto Detection

For auto detection to work add --net="host". Though be aware this more insecure and not best practice with docker images. The only reason for doing it is to allow Avahi to work (as it uses broadcasts that will not cross network boundries).

See the Docker Networking Article for details on how docker networks a container.

docker rm -f plex
docker run --restart=always -d --name plex --net="host" -h *your_host_name* -v /*your_config_location*:/config -v /*your_videos_location*:/data timhaak/plex


Environment Varaibles

Variable Name Values Behaviour Default value
SKIP_CHOWN_CONFIG TRUE or FALSE Startup will be faster and there won't be a permissions check for the configuration (unset)
PLEX_USERNAME String Will add this Plex Media Server to that account (not set)
PLEX_PASSWORD String (Mandatory if username is set) The account password (not set)
PLEX_TOKEN Plex token Plex token if you don't want to write your password (not set)
PLEX_EXTERNALPORT Integer The port if you're not using the default one (32400), ie. when using -p 80:34200 (not set)
PLEX_DISABLE_SECURITY 0 or 1 If set to 1, the remote security will be disabled 1
RUN_AS_ROOT TRUE or FALSE Dangerous If true, will start Plex as root true
PLEX_ALLOWED_NETWORKS Comma-separated list List of networks to allow access to. Defaults to the docker network (public Plex) (not set)

To use an option, set it as a Docker environment variable through the command line:

docker run -e RUN_AS_ROOT=TRUE ... timhaak/plex

or add it to an envfile that can be included through the command line:

docker run --env-file=*filename* ... timhaak/plex

Mac and Apple TV Usage

For Docker on the mac and AppleTV discovery of the server you will need to open up more ports. The reason is that net=host doesn't work as intended. A recommended startup would be something like this :

docker run \
--restart=always \
-d             \
--name plex    \
-h *your_host_name*   \
-p 32400:32400 \
-p 1900:1900/udp \
-p 3005:3005 \
-p 5353:5353/udp \
-p 8324:8324 \
-p 32410:32410/udp \
-p 32412:32412/udp \
-p 32413:32413/udp \
-p 32414:32414/udp \
-p 32469:32469 \
-v /*your_config_location*:/config \
-v /*your_videos_location*:/data   \