React app that pulls data from a Google spreadsheet
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Today I learned

Page that displays output from the Today I Learned form. Tim and Katya have access to the main form and accompanying spreadsheet that it spits into, though think the spreadsheet is actually owned by Dave Thomson?

This is a basic React app, using functional stateless dumb components and smart class-based components with state.

The App pulls data from the spreadsheet via fetch, pushes the data to state, and the child components are rendered via the state being passed in to the children as props.

The data is displayed in reverse date order, newest at the top.

Feature List:

  • Toggleable intro text (click on heading) (quick n dirty html script tag with a click handler)
  • Lookahead search
  • collapsable entries (click them)

App structure

main (renders App) App Table (state stored here) WotILearned (renders each entry as a card)