Easily write about HTML, JavaScript and CSS without duplicating your code
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Secret Source - Easily write about HTML, JavaScript and CSS

Writing about - and demoing - JavaScript, CSS and HTML on the one page is a very effective way of demonstrating your new awesome script, but it does require duplicating your code. This is not optimal!

By using Secret Source, you can write your demo, and include its own source code on the page right next to it with no extra effort.


  • Include the secret-source.js file on your page.
  • Mark any elements on your page that should be printed with class="secret-source"
  • Run secret source by invoking it:


Secret Source can be configured with the following options, by including an options hash as the second parameter. Available options are:

  • className - Class to apply to the generated <pre> element that wraps the code.
  • includeTag - Whether to include the wrapping element in the printed source code.
  • wrap - If the options above are not enough, you can completely control the generated element by overriding this function. The function is passed the original element and its source code. It should return an HTML element that will be inserted after the original element in the DOM.
  • getSource - A function that is used to extract the source code of an element, which is then passed to wrap. Override this if you want to modify the source code before it is displayed.
  • fixWhitespace - A function that munges whitespace to fix indentation issues. Say you have a <div> that you want to show, buried in your DOM somewhere. It will be indented, as will its contents. The indentation will look stupid on its own, certainly when combined with includeTag. This function attempts to fix these issues by stripping out enough whitespace to make first line of code sit flush against the left border, and making all other lines match. If this screws up your formatting, either replace this function with something that does work (and submit a pull request!), or set fixWhitespace to false to disable it completely.


Secret Source does NOT require jQuery. However, if you already have jQuery installed, there is jquery.secretsource.js for you. It has the same className and includeTag above, and the fixWhitespace options can also be disable as above. Use it like so:

jQuery(function($) {

		className: 'code',
		includeTag: false,


$.secretSource() returns a new jQuery object containing all of the generated <pre> blocks. You can then pretty print all of these <pre>s using the pretty printer of your choice.