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  • Turned the JavaScript code in to a jQuery plugin, removed most of the initialization code from the individual widget templates to a external JavaScript file, and added a {% phileo_js %} tag to load this plugin.
  • Each like button gets a unique ID, so multiple like buttons can appear on a single page
  • The like form works without JavaScript.


  • made it easier to get rolling with a like widget using default markup and javascript
  • added returning the like counts for an object when it is liked or unliked so that the widget (either your own or using the one that ships with phileo) can update via AJAX

Backward Incompatibilities

  • removed likes_ajax and likes_form template tags so if you were using them and had written custom overrides in _ajax.js and _form.html you'll need to plan your upgrade accordingly.
  • changed the url pattern, phileo_like_toggle, for likes to not require the user pk, instead, the view handling the POST to this url, uses request.user.
  • changed the ajax returned by the like_toggle view so that it now just returns a single element: {"likes_count": <some-number>}


  • initial release
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