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Twitter Summary Card implementation for Subtext
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Twitter Cards for Subtext

This is a quick and dirty implementation for adding Twitter Summary Cards support to your Subtext blog site.

I've only tested this on Subtext 2.5.2

See this post for more details:


  • Build this project. Please note this requires references to Subtext.Web and Subtext.Framework which aren't included in this project and is assumed you know how to get those.

  • Take the output TwitterCards.dll and put it in your /bin directory of your Subtext 2.5.2 installation

  • In your web.config in the pages\controls section add:

    <add tagPrefix="twitterCards" namespace="TwitterCards" assembly="TwitterCards" />

  • In your DTP.aspx file (I put this after the MetaTagsControl) add:

    <twitterCards:TwitterSummaryCard id="twitterSummaryCard" runat="server" />

  • In Subtext Admin console go to META tags and add the following (recommended):

    • name=twitter:card, content=summary
    • name=twitter:site, content=@yourtwittername
    • name=twitter:creator, content=@yourtwittername
    • name=twitter:domain, content=http://yourdomain
    • name=twitter:image, content=full url to your logo

What it does

This adds two META tags to your site, twitter:title, twitter:description. On a non-post page it uses your blog name as title and blog subtitle as description, so be sure to update those correctly.

On a post page it uses the Entry.Title as title and the first 180 characters of Entry.Body as description. If your Entry has a description it will use that first. All HTML tags are stripped out for the META tag.


Ideally once Subtext support moves to ASP.NET 4 and stabilize I think I'll add a pull request to this control into the new model (not as-is but more integrated with Subtext model).


Contact Tim Heuer (@timheuer)

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