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About this documentation

This documentation is maintained by the project coordinator. Best efforts are made to keep this updated, but right now he's just one person, so be kind. If you see errors or omissions you feel need to be addressed, please log an issue indicating such.

Most of the Controls represented below also have working samples in the Callisto.TestApp provided in the source code.

For a version change history, please see the change log in the source repository.


I've received a few questions/comments about the goals of the project and why some things are the way they are. I've added an Frequently Asked Questions section to this documentation to help answer some of those.

Getting Started



Extensions and Helpers

Logging issues, bugs, requests

If you find an issue while using Callisto, please log an issue. The only place where issues are being tracked is on the main project site and no other forums or locations. This helps get the best visibility and tracking of the request through the project. Please be detailed in your issue if you feel there is a bug (i.e., provide an example of the steps to reproduce the issue).