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from time import time
__author__ = 'timhodson'
# a python module to support llap
# currently mainly the llap Thermister device Persona
class LLAP:
'AWAKE': 'Device is awake',
'TMPA': 'temperature reading',
'TEMP': 'temperature reading',
'RHUM': 'humidity reading',
'BATTLOW': 'battery low',
'BATT': 'battery reading',
'SLEEPING': 'Device is going to sleep',
'STARTED': 'Device has started',
'ERROR': 'There is an error'
'APVER': 'LLAP version number',
'BATT': 'Battery level in volts',
'TEMP': 'request the temperature',
'HUM': 'request the humidity',
# not bothered with the other 'tweeks' that we could do.
observers = []
def __init__(self):
# might want to do something clever with detecting serial ports and what not?
def split_response(self, response):
"""Split the response up into bits
Keyword arguments:
response -- the string to split into bits.
bits -- the bits of the response
bits = {
'raw': response,
'deviceId': response[1:3],
'time': time()
for key in self.RESPONSES.keys():
if key in response:
bits['responseType'] = response[3:3 + len(key)]
bits['responseValue'] = response[3 + len(key):].rstrip("-")
self.notify_observers(bits['responseType'], bits)
return bits
def get_responses(self, msg):
"""Get the parsed responses out of an arbitrary message string.
You are assumed to have got the LLAP message yourself
by whatever means from the serial port
Keyword arguments:
msg -- a String which may contain LLAP responses from a device.
responses -- a list of dictionaries for each response found in the message.
You don't have to do anything with this if you have already registered a listener for the messages.
responses = []
if len(msg) % 12 != 0:
'responseType': 'ERROR',
'responseValue': 'Serial message not divisible by twelve',
'msg': msg,
'time': time()
if len(msg) >= 12:
# attempt to process as much as we can...
# find the first lower case a in the string and trim msg to that.
msg = msg[msg.index('a'):]
msg_count = len(msg) / 12
s = 0
for i in range(1, msg_count + 1):
e = i * 12
s += 12 # increment start ready for next loop
return responses
def build_request(self, devid, type):
self.validate_request(devid, type)
request = '{0}{1}{2:-<9}'.format('a', devid, type)
return request
def validate_msg(msg):
if len(msg) > 12:
# todo - raise some more specific Exceptions
raise LlapException("completed request is too long")
def validate_request(d, t):
if len(d) > 2 or len(t) > 9:
raise LlapException("invalid parameters to build_request")
def register_observer(self, event, observer):
"""Register an observer to deal with each response found.
Each callback is self contained and cannot be chained with other callbacks.
For example: you cannot register a callback to add a timestamp
to every message and then expect other callbacks to also see that timestamp.
Keyword arguments:
event -- the type of message to react to
observer -- a reference to the callback to execute
self.observers.append({event: observer})
def unregister_observer(self, event, observer):
newList = []
flag = False
for observerDict in self.observers:
if observerDict.keys()[0] == event:
if observerDict[event] == observer:
flag = True
if flag is not True:
self.observers = newList
def notify_observers(self, event, data):
for observer in self.observers:
if observer.keys()[0] == event or observer.keys()[0] == 'ALL':
class LlapException(Exception):
def __init__(self, value):
self.value = value
def __str__(self):
return repr(self.value)