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admin MDL-40811 uploaduser: Optimise testuser code
auth MDL-49799 behat: replaced with
availability MDL-49799 behat: replaced with
backup MDL-49799 behat: replaced with
badges MDL-49799 behat: replaced with
blocks MDL-49799 behat: replaced with
cache MDL-39459 cache: mode included in stats output
calendar MDL-49799 behat: replaced with
cohort MDL-49799 behat: replaced with
comment Merge branch 'MDL-47773-master-commentui' of git://…
completion MDL-49799 behat: replaced with
course MDL-49854 core: User navigation refinements
error MDL-31560 Error: Fixed coding style
files MDL-49799 behat: replaced with
grade MDL-49854 core: User navigation refinements
install Automatically generated installer lang files
iplookup MDL-47321 iplookup: Prevent guest users from using iplookup
lib MDL-49854 core: User navigation refinements
message MDL-49799 behat: replaced with
mnet MDL-48779 MNet: multibyte substr in certificate generation
my MDL-49799 behat: replaced with
notes Merge branch 'MDL-45131-master' of git://
pix MDL-48934 navigation: Update the default entries in the user menu.
plagiarism MDL-39752 fix whitespace errors
portfolio MDL-49519 Google API: use autoload everywhere
question Merge branch 'wip-mdl-49799-m' of
rating MDL-49763 webservices: Handle correctly deleted users for ratings
report MDL-49799 behat: replaced with
repository MDL-49799 behat: replaced with
rss MDL-46463 core_rss: coding style cleanup in /rss
theme MDL-49871 theme_base: Moving notification templates in right location
user MDL-49854 core_user: fix the myprofile lib inclusion
userpix MDL-34460 Librairies: Replaced deprecated get_context_instance()
webservice Merge branch 'MDL-49894-master' of git://
.csslintrc MDL-48277 css: enable some helpful csslint warnings
.gitignore MDL-49046 javascript: Add support for AMD modules and jquery.
.shifter.json MDL-42774 JavaScript: Ensure that shifter cleans build directories be…
COPYING.txt license MDL-20717 Updated the COPYING file to GPLv3 for head
Gruntfile.js MDL-49046 javascript: Add support for AMD modules and jquery.
TRADEMARK.txt MDL-20700 coding style cleanup - cvs keywords removed, closign php ta…
brokenfile.php MDL-26069 detect missing file postprocessing
composer.json MDL-49432 behat: guzzle packages has been unified
config-dist.php MDL-44874 core: Add per-request directory functions
draftfile.php MDL-31501 rework user session architecture
file.php MDL-48799 Files API: fixed legacy directory fallback.
help_ajax.php MDL 38508 JavaScript: Split out AJAX and non-AJAX help
index.php MDL-49689 navigation: Allow the user to set their homepage.
install.php MDL-49684 timezones: rewrite timezone support
mdeploy.php MDL-49087 mnet: Ensure typeroot is in dirroot
mdeploytest.php MDL-49087 mnet: Ensure typeroot is in dirroot
package.json MDL-49046 javascript: Add support for AMD modules and jquery.
phpunit.xml.dist MDL-49203 webservices: Add missing component testsuite declaration
tags.txt MDL-48855 dev: Fix ctags command to handle extra whitespace
version.php on-demand release 2.9beta+



For the impatient, here is a basic outline of the
installation process, which normally takes me only
a few minutes:

1) Move the Moodle files into your web directory.

2) Create a single database for Moodle to store all
   its tables in (or choose an existing database).

3) Visit your Moodle site with a browser, you should
   be taken to the install.php script, which will lead
   you through creating a config.php file and then
   setting up Moodle, creating an admin account etc.

4) Set up a cron task to call the file admin/cron.php
   every five minutes or so.

For more information, see the INSTALL DOCUMENTATION:

Good luck and have fun!
Martin Dougiamas, Lead Developer

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