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Adds inactivity events to node.js stream objects.
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Adds inactivity events to node.js stream objects. alt text


  npm install tweek


  var Tweek = require('tweek');

  var myStream = createMyAmazingStream();

  var options = { patience: 5000, checkInterval: 2000 };

  new Tweek(myStream, options);

  myStream.on('tweek', function (tweek) {
    console.log('tweeked this many times: ', tweek.n);

This will check every 2 seconds to see that the stream has not been inactive for more than 5 seconds.

supertweek, supertweek

You can also set up a second tweek on your stream (if you want to say, send an email on your first tweek, and try reconnecting after a longer period). Adding to the above:

  var options2 = { patience: 25000, checkInterval: 10000, emitEvent: 'supertweek' }
  new Tweek(myStream, options2);

  myStream.on('supertweek', function (tweek) {

optional parameters

You can use the following in your options object:

patience (ms)

How much inactivity can this tweek handle? (default: 3000)

checkInterval (ms)

How often does this tweek check for new activity? (default: 1000)

maxTweeks (int)

How many tweeks should we send you? (default: 5)


What event should I fire? (default: 'tweek')


What event should I listen for? Allows for non-stream event emitters. (default: 'data')


Should I log a bunch of stuff about what I'm doing? (default: 0, ie. No. Please no logs.)

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