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Perl CPAN Pod::LaTeX Pod to Latex conversion module
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Pod::LaTeX - convert Pod to latex using Pod::Parser

This is version 0.60 of Pod::LaTeX. This module can be used to
convert pod data to latex. It uses the standard Pod::Parser module.
A pod2latex replacement command is provided. This can be installed over
the pod2latex command distributed with perl.

Please let me know of any problems.


 % perl Build.PL
 % ./Build
 % ./Build test
 % ./Build install

Currently the tests are not very good (only a simple test is provided).


Requires perl 5.005 or newer.

Written completely in Perl. XS is not required.

Requires the PodParser package from CPAN. This is standard with
perl 5.6.0. This module is part of the standard perl distribution
and has been since perl 5.6.1.


Tim Jenness <>

Copyright (C) 2011-2012 Tim Jenness.
Copyright (C) 1999-2004 Tim Jenness and the UK Particle Physics and
Astronomy Research Council. All Rights Reserved.  This program is free
software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
terms as Perl itself.


    - Update site vs perl install for perl v5.12 and above
    - Issue a deprecation warning if the module is being used in perl 5.17.0 and above.
      This module will be removed from perl Core for perl 5.20. (Ricardo Signes)
      It will still be available on CPAN.

    - Patch for "--" from Dima Kogan (RT #72518)

    - Use Module::Build
    - Fix trivial pod typo (RT #46887)

    - Fix problem with [] in items (R. de Vries)

    - Missing README file for V0.56 now added. No changes to code.

    - Add -prefile/-postfile and -preamble/-postamble options to pod2latex
      and fix double printing of user postamble.
      (thanks to Adriano Rodrigues Ferreira)
    - UserPostamble and UserPreamble were erroneously being written
      even when AddPostamble and AddPreamble were false.

    - Fix enumerated lists so that they do not double up the number
      (Aerial Scolnicov and Sudhi Herle)
    - Strip "." and ")" from numbers when looking for enumerated lists
      (Sudhi Herle)
    - Module now returns a true value (add 1; at end) (Dan Kogai)
    - Many new Pod escapes supported (Peter J Acklam)
    - The module now installs into the PERL dirs and not the site
      install if the perl version is greater than 5.6.0 (since this
      module is part of core perl as of v5.6.1).
    - The pod2latex script is now configured as a true pod2latex.PL
      application (imported changes from bleadperl)
    - Should now pass tests with Pod::ParseUtils v0.30 installed
      (thanks to Mark Veltzer for pointing out the problem)

    - Fix misunderstanding with =for
    - Add fixes for <  and > (and also |)
    - Fix tabbing (thanks to Hugh S Myers)
    - Fix strange indenting with long items (Hugh S Myers)
    - add a real test
    - Fix L<> since the fix to escape | had broken it
    - add -h1level to pod2latex

    - Handle long items (Mark A Hershberge)
    - Escape ~ (Simon Cozens)
    - Add verbar and sol support as well as | escape (Marcel Grunauer)

    - minor fix to pod2latex to preserve order of supplied arguments

    - Fix some of the warning messages so that they report the
      line number in the pod file correctly for errors.

    - Fix escaping of ^, { and }

    - First public release


  - Does not automatically convert func() to B<func()> and $a to C<$a>

  - Probably does not match the new perlpodspec
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