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My solutions to the exercises in 'Software Foundations'
Coq OCaml
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.gitignore removed web contents
Basics.v finished chapter 1
Equiv.v finished Equiv.v
Extraction.v unpacked .tar.gz from
Extraction2.v unpacked .tar.gz from
Gen.v finished fourth chapter (Gen.v)
Hoare.v finished Hoare.v
HoareAsLogic.v finished HoareAsLogic.v
HoareList.v finished HoareList.v
Imp.v finished Imp.v
ImpCEvalFun.v finished ImpCEvalFun.v
ImpParser.v unpacked .tar.gz from
LICENSE unpacked .tar.gz from
LibTactics.v corrected LibTactics.v; finished UseTactics.v
Lists.v finished second chapter
Logic.v prove 5 characterizations of classical logic equivalent
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MoreStlc.v added a fixpoint operator to the simply typed lambda calculus in More…
Norm.v finished Norm.v (normalisation of the simply typed lambda calculus)
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PE.v unpacked .tar.gz from
Poly.v finished third chapter (Poly.v)
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Prop.v finished fifth chapter (Prop.v) added
RecordSub.v finished RecordSub.v
Records.v finished Records.v
References.v finished References.v
Rel.v finished Rel.v
SfLib.v unpacked .tar.gz from
Smallstep.v finished Smallstep
Stlc.v finished Stlc.v (simply typed lambda calculus)
Sub.v finished Subtyping chapter (Sub.v)
Symbols.v unpacked .tar.gz from
Typechecking.v unpacked .tar.gz from
Types.v finished Types.v
UseAuto.v UseAuto.v
UseTactics.v corrected LibTactics.v; finished UseTactics.v unpacked .tar.gz from unpacked .tar.gz from
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Software foundations

This repository contains a copy of of Software Foundations extended with my solutions to the exercises. You can use it's contents (both the original text and my code) under the terms of the MIT license.

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