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To Do:
* pass sensitive data to curl via File::Temp::tempfile()
* note the difference between
aws put --public tim.jpg
aws put --public
In the first case, it should upload tim.jpg, named as tim2.jpg, and set the
acl to public-read. In the second case, should it add ?acl to the target to
change the acl, or should it read a new file from stdin? In other words, is
it a change-acl or a put-stdin-with-acl? I have decided that it means the
latter, so I no longer add ?acl automatically.
*** Switching to github:
Future changes will be tracked there.
* don't use exec() for Windows - it runs asynchronously
* support for reserved instances
* fixed confirm-product-instance and describe-image-attributes
* error messages were incorrectly suppressed on some put (acl, logging) operations
* check to see if curl supports --retry or disable --retry
* added --max-time=N to cancel and retry after N seconds (Thanks, Tiago Fischer!)
* reworked curl options
* --curl-options="blah"
* close STDOUT in END {}
* curl to retry 3 times in most cases
* exit with curl exit code when --fail on failure, so it can be scripted better
* exit code if md5 fails when --fail
* fixed quoting wrt +
* return code 22 on on 2xx HTTP status (just like --fail, but error is displayed)
* fixed --wait display of IP address (displayed on wrong line)
* fixed --wait when --region is specified
* added --md5 to check the checksum of PUT and GET files
* added curl -q to prevent curl from reading .curlrc
* added --cut (and --emacs) to cut output to terminal width
aws-1.25 2009-01-11
* support PUT from STDIN via File::Temp
* add --cmd0 to use command-line command even when aws was run via a symlink,
so that, for example, ec2din --wait can run aws using $0 and specify a command
* added --set-acl, --public and --private
* define $bucket for --exec (and remove definitions of $_ and @_)
* removed default for CidrIp (
aws-1.24 2009-01-02
* slight change to COPY, so that it works on Windows (on Windows,
curl refuses to upload an empty file from /dev/null)
* improved processing of output from copy
* added --simple output for "aws run"
* added --wait=SEC for "aws run", which polls until instances leave
"pending" state
* update copyright notice to include 2009 (Happy New Year!)
aws-1.23 2008-12-18
* added --progress option to show a progress bar (Thanks, Jim Dannemiller!)
* Signature Version 2 (still using SHA1, not SHA256) (Thanks, Chanchal James!)
* changed default AMI (fedora-8-i386-base-v1.08)
aws-1.22 2008-11-19, 2008-12-17
* use EC2 protocol version 2008-12-01
* add describe-regions
* add --region=eu (or us, eu-west-1, us-east-1)
* added -S to enable better curl error reporting
* for addkey, output just the new key, so it can be redirected into the key file
* for get-console-output, display just the output
* make Time::Local optional (it is missing on some systems), possibly disabling
clock skew sanity check
* make --request and --expire-time (output signed request but don't issue it)
work for EC2 too
* added test for --install to see that old /usr/bin/aws was successfully removed
aws-1.21 2008-10-24, 2008-11-10
* update to protocol version 2008-08-08
* added support for setting Cache-Control (Thanks, Ming!)
* added support for Range: and If-*: (Thanks, Stephen Kwong!)
* --verbose (level 1) now clears $verbose variable
* changed --install to copy to /usr/bin (not symlink) (Thanks, Greg Higgins!)
* changed --secretsfile to --secrets-file
* added --limit-rate=N (eg., 200K, 3m, 1G) (Thanks, Dan Colish!)
aws-1.20 2008-10-13, 2008-10-14 (Thanks, Nilesh Patel!)
* added --expire-time=\d+{m,h,d,w,mo,y}
* added --dns-alias indicates to use bucket name as a host name
* added --http to use http rather than https
* quoted space (%20) and hash (%23) - hash is quoted for --request
aws-1.19 2008-10-09
* automatically pretty print xml if no output is generated
* add --secretsfile option to specify path to secret file
aws-1.18 2008-09-22
* added --exec option
aws-1.17 2008-09-15
* swapped order of processing @ARGV and ~/.awsrc
aws-1.16 2008-09-09, 2008-09-14, 2008-09-15
* added -l, -t, -r, --simple (e.g., "aws ls -l test681")
* allow - parameters to be combined (e.g., "-ltr")
* applied same ls options to bucket listings (e.g., "aws ls -l")
* fixed sha1_sha1, which was setting $t globally
* disable sanity check warnings when not a tty
* updated documentation
* fixed quoting, so headers work under Windows
* added --insecure-signing to replace --insecure
aws-1.15 2008-09-03, 2008-09-05
* added support for more than 1,000 objects (Thanks, Aaron Nall!)
* warn about ~/.awssecret existence and permissions
* warn if SSL certs don't work
* added ls method to support prefix: "aws ls BUCKET PREFIX"
* added --simple ls-style output
aws-1.14 2008-08-21, 2008-08-22, 2008-08-27
* added support for EBS
* added ~/.awsrc support
* added --fail for scripting, so that it suppresses error documents
* added --sanity-check to check for timing problems
* fixed parameter name for describe-snapshots, so you can specify a
specific snapshot (Thanks, Chanchal James!)
* took out default parameter for -P (was "tcp"), so that
"aws authorize mygroup -u 12345 -o mygroup" will work
(Thanks again, Chanchal James!)
aws-1.13 2008-08-15, 2008-08-17
* replaced MIME::Base64 with Gisle Aas' encode_base64(). (Thanks,
Jim Dannemiller!)
* added "aws copy TARGET SOURCE"
* display version number when -v
aws-1.12 2008-07-21
* pretty print --xml output
* automatically sets Content-Type header from mime.types file
aws-1.11 2008-07-14 (Thanks, Christian Hagenah!)
* fixed passing headers when operating on buckets
* automatically add a slash to the bucket name in certain cases
* add support for virtual hosting-style access, so that buckets
located elsewhere (e.g., Europe) can be accessed. Falls back
to path-style access if bucket name isn't compatible.
* added --location (curl redirection), in support of virtual
hosting-style access
* added ability to do CreateBucketConfiguration by making "mkdir"
separate from "put"
* added "get" with directory targets
aws-1.10 2008-05-16
* parse $0 on \ as well as /, so it works on Windows
* change quoting of curl command line to be compatible on Windows
* add get_home_directory() to also handle Windows (uses
* add support for env vars AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID, AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY,
AWS_SIGN_URL, and use .awssecret if these vars aren't set
* fixed $sigurl --> $signurl (thanks, Steve!)
aws-1.9 2008-04-16
* added URL to in header (thanks, Wes!)
* added register - not tested - reported to work
* added "run-instances" (and left "run-instance", which is
incorrect, for backward compatibility)
* fixed: if you add standard headers, not amz- headers, it
was adding a blank line to what got signed (thanks to Daniel
aws-1.8 2008-03-27
* change to "2008-02-01" protocol
* update parsing to allow full-word ec2 parameters through
* kernel and ramdisk: added support in "run"
* availability zones: added "daz" and support in "run"
* addresses: added "allad", "aad", "dad", "disad", "rad"
aws-1.7 2008-03-03
* added --insecureall to make all requests ignore server auth
(--insecure only affects remote signing mode)
aws-1.6 2008-01-17, 2008-02-10
* added --insecure option, so signing can work with self-signed certificates
* changed defaults for auth: -P tcp -s, so that it matches the
getting started guide
aws-1.5 2007-10-31
* added support for non-x-amz headers. Specifically, Content-Type
is now supported. (Thanks, Jeff Koftinoff!)
aws-1.4 2007-10-18
* added -i and -a to ec2run, to take advantage of new instance
types and to default to public addressing, anticipating the
going away of direct addressing.
* fixed headers support, so that you can specify more than one
custom header. (Thanks, Russ Ross!)
aws-1.3 2007-10-02
* fixed output for ec2dkey
* made it work on 64-bit systems by adding "& 0xffffffff"
* Added ability to specify x-amz- headers to S3, so that
uploads can be made publicly readable, etc. (Thanks,
Etienne James Pollard!)
* Enhanced --sign option to use it to specify the string to be
signed. This way, the wrapper can read the content, make
decsions about what is allowed, and then pass the content on
to aws.
* Fixed a bug in parsing parameters containing \n
* Added version string to the top of the code.
* First release
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