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Warning: not in active development. May work for your needs, but has several limitations. If anyone cares to take of development, please contact me.

Cloudinary for Craft CMS 3

This plugin is an integration of the cloud-based image managment cloudinary to your Craft3 project.



  1. Create a free cloudinary account
  2. Logged in to your account and go to the cloudinary dashboard
  3. On top you can see your credentials (Cloud Name, API Key and API Secret). Copy them

Install the plugin

  1. composer require timkelty/craft3-cloudinary
  2. Go to your Craft admin panel --> Settings --> Plugins and install the Cloudinary plugin

Setup up the volume

  1. In the Craft admin panel, go to Settings -> Assets
  2. Create a new volume
  3. Type in a name you like (f.e. Cloud Images)
  4. Enable Assets in this volume have public URLs
  5. You can decide on your Base URL (f.e. /images if you want to have as your public image path)
  6. Volume Type must be Cloudinary
  7. Now fill in the Cloudinary credentials
  8. Go to the Assets and upload the first image Craft Cloudinary asset volume settings