Beefing up Backbone views with data bindings, subviews, repeaters and more!
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T-Bone component framework

Beefing up Backbone views with data bindings, subviews, repeaters and more!

The motivation behind T-Bone

Backbone views are great in their bare-bones simplicity, but by themselves they don't really... do much.

This means that you find yourself typing out the same code again and again, or (worse) taking shortcuts to get the job done quickly.

T-Bone was created to cut out the boring repetitive parts so you can spend your time doing the kind of coding you actually enjoy.

What problems does this framework solve?

  1. Encourages simple, portable, modular code
  2. Reduces boilerplate
  3. Speeds up development like nothing else

How does it achieve these goals?

  • The project is split into reusable, modular components wherever possible
  • These components use HTML templates to dictate their appearance, allowing for rapid templating and development
  • Component CSS is dynamically injected into the page when the component is loaded, allowing for dependency-managed CSS
  • Enhanced syntax in HTML templates automatically hooks up data bindings and subviews, keeping logic outside the HTML
  • Bindings and subviews are auto-managed behind the scenes, cutting out boilerplate and producing more robust code
  • All the components are Backbone.js views, ensuring an easy transition for anybody familiar with the Backbone framework


  • Backbone.js
  • Require.js (or alternative AMD loader)


To import T-Bone into another repository's lib directory, run the following commands:

# Register the GitHub repository as a submodule
git submodule add lib/t-bone

# Initialise the submodule contents
git submodule update --init

T-Bone is packaged as an AMD module, so to use it in another module make sure to import it using your AMD loader:

define(["lib/t-bone/Component"], function(Component) {
	// Your code here

Example project

The example project at provides a simple template for new T-Bone projects

For a more in-depth code example, check out the T-Bone TodoMVC implementation at

Getting started

Full documentation can be found in the wiki section.