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README file for Arduino on XCode project by Tim Knapen.
Based on Robert Carlsen's and other people's efforts.
The original manual by Robert Carlsen is here:
I started again on this after reading and following this great tutorial:
## for OSX Snow Leopard + XCode 3.2 the project is called "ArduinoOnXCode3"
Installing the templates:
Copy the folder Arduino to your XCode project templates folder.
For me this is at:
/Developer/Library/XCode/Project Templates/
This has been tested with XCode3.2.6 and Arduino 0022 on OSX10.6.8
with Sanguino, Arduino NG (atmega8) and Arduino UNO
## for OSX Lion + XCode 4 the project is called "ArduinoOnXCode4"
The ArduinoOnXCode4 project is NOT a template, you should use it as a blank project to start from. Just copy the whole folder.
This has been tested with Xcode 4.2 + Arduino 0022 on OSX10.7.2
With Arduino UNO, Arduino NG, Sanguino.
The preferred place for help, discussion and suggestions is here:,49956.0.html