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Python APIs for perspective front end
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Python APIs for perspective front end

This package now lives partially under Perspective

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To install the base package from pip:

pip install perspective-python

To Install from source:

make install

To install the JupyterLab extension:

jupyter labextension install @finos/perspective-jupyterlab

or from source:

make labextension

Getting Started

Read the docs!

Example Notebooks

Pandas Pivot integration

Index - Multiindex pivot

Column - Multiindex pivot

C++ Integration

This package is primarily focused on integrating with the WebAssembly version of Perspective. To build the C++ side, install perspective-python[table], from the Perspective main library.

Webserver Integration

perspective-pyton can be integrated with a webserver, giving you the ability to configure perspective-viewers in javascript from python. Right now this functionality is limited to tornado webservers and the perspective-phosphor frontend. It relies on the phosphor-perspective-utils javascript package.

import tornado.web
from perspective import PerspectiveHTTPMixin

class MyHandler(PerspectiveHTTPMixin, tornado.web.RequestHandler):
    def get(self):
        super(MyHandler, self).loadData(data=<data>, transfer_as_arrow=True)
        self.write(super(MyHandler, self).getData())
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