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A console application that takes the output of pcb2gcode and converts it to something grbl can use!
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nomoreinches takes output recieved from pcb2gcode, parses it, and outputs a file ready for sending to a grbl cnc controller.
The output will be in millimetres (A measurement system used in some “lesser” countries of the world…)
AND the minimum X and Y coordinates will be re-zeroed – something which can be extremely useful :)

Also, if you have a better name for this program, send me an email!

timkrins at the google dot the com

to compile, run
gcc mm.c -o nomoreinches

and to use the application, run

nomoreinches [input gcode file]

Otherwise, use the python version.

python [input gcode file]

It will look for the default “front.ngc” unless you specify another.

It will generate a new file called convert-to-mm.ngc

Load this new file into your favorite serial command sender, and away you go :)

  • - Tim *
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