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.TH "fedora-review" 1
fedora-review \- Automatically review RPM packages for Fedora.
.B fedora-review
-b <bug number>
.B fedora-review
-n <package name>
This tool makes reviews of rpm packages for Fedora easier. It tries to automate most of the process.
Through a json API the checks can be extended in any programming language and for any programming language.
We have at the moment checks for C/C++, R, Java and Perl packages.
This program runs a number of checks for packages in Fedora.
fedora-review -b <bug number>
It will download the SPEC & SRPM files from the Bugzilla report and
build them in mock and run a number of test and generate a report
there will be opened in editor along with the spec file, so the things
not automated can be reviewed manually.
fedora-review -n <package name>
This alternative usage expects <package name>.spec and source rpm in current
You will need to have mock installed and be member of the mock group
for the build to work. Run as root:
usermod -a -G mock [your user name] && newgrp mock
To assign bugs in bugzilla automatically you will first have to login
into bugzilla (--login). This will create a bugzilla cookie so you
don't have to login every time.
.B -b / --bug
Identifier of the ticket on the bugzilla where is the package to review.
.B -n / --name
Runs the checks against the named spec and source rpm located in the current working directory.
.B -w / --workdir
Specify in which working directory to work.
.B --other-bz
URL for another bugzilla.
.B --assign
Assign the bugzilla ticket to yourself.
.B --cache
Do not redownload the files from bugzilla, use the local one.
.B --nobuild
Do not rebuild the source rpm, use the currently built one.
.B -l / --login
Login into Fedora Bugzilla before starting.
.B -v / --verbose
Provides a more detailed output of what's going on.
.B --no-report
Do not generate the review report.
.B --mock-config
Specify which mock config to use.
.B --mock-options
Passes options onto mock for the build.
.I $HOME/.config/fedora-review/settings
User configuration files for fedora-review
.I /usr/share/fedora-review/plugins
System-wide external plugins directory
.I $HOME/.config/fedora-review/plugins/
User supplied external plugins directory
If REVIEW_EXT_DIRS is set, it specifies additional directories that will be searched for external plugins
Original author: Tim Lauridsen <>
Stanislav Ochotnicky <>
Pierre-Yves Chibon <>
For a list of all contributors see AUTHORS file
No known bugs at this time
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