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+.TH "fedora-create-review" 1
+fedora-create-review \- Automatically create RPM review request for Fedora.
+.B fedora-create-review
+<specfile> <srpmfile>
+This tool create review request for rpm packages for Fedora. It starts a
+scratch build on koji, upload your file onto fedorapeople, create the review
+request and add a comment that the scratch-build on koji was successful.
+This program creates RPM review request for Fedora.
+fedora-create-review <specfile> <srpmfile>
+This will start a build on koji using the given srpmfile. If the build is
+successful, both file will be uploaded onto fedorapeople. Finally, the review
+request is generated and a comment is added on the bug about the successful
+.B --user
+ FAS user name.
+.B --rename-request
+ To create a rename request instead of a review request.
+.B --koji-target
+ Specify the target for the scratch build. Defaults to rawhide.
+ The list of targets can be obtained using `koji list-targets`.
+.B --no-scratch-build
+ To skip the scratch build but still create the review.
+.B --debug
+ Provides a more detailed output of what's going on.
+.B --test
+ Create the review on a test bugzilla instance instead of the official one.
+.I $HOME/.config/fedora-create-review
+User configuration files for fedora-create-review
+ Original author: Pierre-Yves Chibon <>
+ Developers:
+ Pierre-Yves Chibon <>
+ Stanislav Ochotnicky <>
+ For a list of all contributors see AUTHORS file
+No known bugs at this time
@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@
name = 'fedora-review',
description = 'Tools to help review packages for inclusion in Fedora',
description_long = '',
- data_files = [('/usr/share/man/man1/', [ 'fedora-review.1' ] ) ],
+ data_files = [('/usr/share/man/man1/', [ 'fedora-review.1', 'fedora-create-review.1' ] ) ],
version = __version__,
license = 'GPLv2+',
download_url = '',

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