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= JSON API for review plugins =

This document should serve as description of API provided for external
plugins. First a few basic rules:

 * Communication is done through stdin/stdout/stderr
 * API is using JSON for encoding data (see
 * Plugin is can exit without providing any output (though empty reply
   is preferred)
 * Communication is serial and plugin can expect reply to every API
   call (except final "results" call)
 * Messages are separated by newlines (0x0A, LF, \n character)
 * Text containing newlines is encoded with literal "\n"
 * Each transferred JSON message must have "supported_api" key with
   value equal to highest supported API version

== Communication diagram ==

1.    Plugin receives Init JSON object on stdin
2..n. Plugin can ask for additional information by sending JSON
n+1.  Plugin *can* send results

Format of the data specified below

            +------>* Review tool<---------+
            |       |                      |
            |       |                      |
  results (n+1)    (1) Init JSON object (2..n) Q/A messages
            |       |                      |
            |       |                      |
            |       v                      |
            +-------* Plugin <-------------+

== Main structures ==

In the beginning a plugin will get following JSON message on stdin

Init JSON object ::=
    "pkgname":"package name",
    "version":"package version",
    "release":"package release",
           "text":"spec text with expanded macros"},
    "rpmlint":"rpmlint output",

If the plugin has test results to report it prints following to stdout:

Results object ::=
    "version":"version of plugin", # optional, but preferred
         "url":"URL to guidelines usually",
         "group":"Group for this test.(Java, Perl, etc.)",
         "text":"Check description that shows on review template",
         "deprecates":["DeprecatedTest", ...]

== Additional RPC calls ==

*Note*: All messages MUST contain "supported_api". It is not included
        in examples for brewity

After each call plugin can receive an error reply in following format:

error_reply ::=
"error":"textual description of error",

=== Get Section ===

Use: Get section of spec file
     - section to return. Possible values: 'build',
       'changelog', 'check', 'clean', 'description', 'files',
       'install', 'package', 'prep', 'pre', 'post', 'preun',
       'postun', 'trigger', 'triggerin', 'triggerun', 'triggerprein',
       'triggerpostun', 'pretrans', 'posttrans'

get_section ::=

get_section_reply ::=
  "text":"text of requested spec" # empty if section does not exist
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