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Facebook API Programming Challenge

This app serves as the basis for programming challenges involving the Facebook


The app should:
- Prompt the user to log into Facebook (already implemented in the base app)
- Prompt them to select one of their friends
- Retrieve the friend's profile feed (wall)
- Rank all commenters by the frequency of their comments, and display this information

  Note: We are interested in the comments on the posts on the friends's profile feed, 
  rather than the actual posts themselves.

To run the app locally:

1. Set up a new Facebook app,
  - Add a website url, it doesn't need to exist, paying attention to the root domain
  - Add a subdomain to the newly created app / root domain for testing locally eg.
  - Point to localhost in your /etc/hosts 

2. Install the necessary dependencies bundler, bundle install, etc.
3. Run the app