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Seer is a lightweight, semantically rich wrapper for the Google Visualization API. It allows you to easily create a visualization of data in a variety of formats, including area charts, bar charts, column charts, gauges, line charts, and pie charts.


Add the following to the head of the page that will display a chart, or add it to your layout file:

  = Seer::init_visualization

Gather the data you want to visualize in an instance variable in your controller, then use the visualize method to insert the appropriate chart in your view.


In your controller:

# @data must be an array, and each object in the array must respond to the data method specified
# in the visualize call (in this example, 'quantity')
@data = Widget.all

In your view:


= Seer::visualize(
      :as => :bar_chart,
      :in_element => 'chart',
      :series => {:series_label => 'name', :data_method => 'quantity'},
      :chart_options => {
        :height => 300,
        :width => 200 * @widgets.size,
        :is_3_d => false,
        :legend => 'none',
        :colors => ["#990000"],
        :title => "Widget Quantities",
        :title_x => 'Quantity',
        :title_y => 'Widgets'

More information

For examples of additional chart types, refer to the documentation for each of the individual chart objects, or see the blog post announcing Seer: Simple, Semantic Graphing for Ruby on Rails with Seer

A sample project that demonstrates each of the chart types is available on GitHub.

Seer is developed and maintained by Corey Ehmke at SEO Logic.

Copyright © 2010 Corey Ehmke / SEO Logic, released under the MIT license