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This is a Python script that makes it easier to deploy Java applications to Elastic Beanstalk. It supports deploying a single application or multiple applications into a single instance.


You must be running EB CLI tools version 3.4.7 or greater


This script deletes everything in the parent directory of your .elasticbeanstalk directory except for .gitignore, .ebextensions, and .elasticbeanstalk.

This script has only been tested on very simple applications. You run this code at your own peril if you do not understand what is going on.

Syntax elastic_beanstalk_configuration_directory root_application_directory [application1_directory application1_name] [application2_directory application2_name] ...

Required parameters:

  • elastic_beanstalk_configuration_directory is the directory that contains the .elasticbeanstalk directory for the application you want to deploy. NOTE: This is not the .elasticbeanstalk directory itself! This is its parent directory.
  • root_application_directory is the directory that contains the Java project you want to be deployed as the ROOT application in Tomcat.

Optional parameter set:

  • applicationX_directory is the directory that contains a Java project you want deployed at a specific path
  • applicationX_name is the path for the project in applicationX_directory

You may include zero or more optional parameter sets.

Example three_apps root_app app1 path1 app2 path2

This will look for your .elasticbeanstalk configuration in the directory three_apps, build root_app, app1, and app2 using Maven, and then deploy all three in each EC2 instance running three_apps.

root_app will be accessible at the root path.

app1 will be accessible at the /path1 path.

app2 will be accessible at the /path2 path.


Want to get the hang of it? Follow the tutorial and try launching a sample stack.


Making it easier to deploy Java applications to Elastic Beanstalk



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