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Cinder block giving quick and dirty control of parameters.
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For Cinder 0.8.6.

Quick and dirty Parameter Manager for Cinder. It wraps around AntTweakBar to support groups more easily and read/write parameters to JSON files.

Main features: - Parameters can be saved and loaded from Json. Add "unsaved" to the options to prevent saving. - Easy to add callback functions. - Remembers which groups are open on the AntTweakBar UI when saving parameters. - Support for nested groups with a list of strings to represent a path. - Automatically ensures all parameters names are unique by appending full path to end of all parameter and group names, and removing spaces from group names.

Basic Usage:

#include "ParamManager/ParamManager.h"

ParameterManager pars;

pars.addParam(std::make_shared<Parameter<int>>(&myVar, "my var", { "Vars" }));
pars.addParam(std::make_shared<Parameter<std::string>>(&myString, "my string", { "Vars" }))->customCallback = [this] { std::cout << myVar; };

// load from Json.
// Create interface and write to parameter variables. Call after all parameters have been written and load() succeeded.

a = a + 1;;

Tim Murray-Browne 2014-16

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