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Webcam Instruments

This is a simple openFrameworks project that uses OpenCV to create an instrument from the webcam. The interface and visuals are inspired by Memo Akten's Webcam Piano 2.0.

Created by Tim Murray-Browne for a workshop organised by London's Music Hackspace on 25 November 2012 on a Sound and Music Embedded Composer residency.

This software (excluding is released under the Modified BSD Licence. is a part of openFrameworks which is released under the MIT Licence.


Please see the file presentation slides.pdf for instructions on setting up the project. If there are gaps in those instructions then please feel free to fork the project, update this file and submit a pull request.

Tim Murray-Browne
London, December 2012


Simple webcam instrument project using openFrameworks, OpenCV and Ableton Live. Created for a Music Hackspace workshop on 25 November 2012, supported by Sound and Music.




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