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Ray tracer for CS 4300

Progressive-render ray tracer accepting .rts scene specification files.

If you want a good ray tracer with all the usual features, may I recommend looking at instead.

Academic integrity

This is an implementation of HW6 (ray tracer) of CS 4300 in Spring 2011 at NEU:

Fellow students: You have been warned.

Building and running

Run with Leiningen. Scene data is accepted on standard input, although this will not be available with lein run. Standard input is ignored if an input file is specified.

A number of optional command line arguments are accepted:

Input and display: -w int Set the width of the canvas in pixels. (Must be positive.) -h int Set the height of the canvas in pixels. (Must be positive.) -f file.rts Add this file's scene data to the render, and ignore stdin. This argument is cumulative.

Scene settings overrides: -ld bool Turn diffuse lighting on or off. -ls bool Turn specular lighting on or off. -sh bool Turn shadows on or off. -rf int Set the % reflectivity of surfaces for mirror reflection. (May be set > 100 or < 0 for interesting effects!) -ml int Set the maximum number of mirror reflections for a ray. (Must be non-negative.)

For example: lein run -rf 95 -f ./res/xmaskaos.rts

All options may be repeated, but unless otherwise noted as cumulative, the last instance of an option will be the one that takes effect. Boolean options may be specified as true, false, on, off, yes, no, 1, or 0. Integer options must be decimal integers.

Known bugs

  • File paths specified on command line are relative to script, not to current working directory.


Copyright Tim McCormack 2011.

Relies on Incanter Core numerical and statistical library.