A social media prototype, for those who want to go dark
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Cavern - Spelunk

Spelunk is a testbed client for the Cavern underground social network.

Cavern takes a local-first approach, with your laptop or home server storing your entire journal, and publishing out securely as a Pile O' Files to a quasi-trusted server. Clients use servers for coordination and communication, but the servers don't know anything.

There's not much to run (Spelunk can currently publish, but not read!) but you can read up on Cavern:

Diagram showing clients writing to servers, some sharing a server, and also reading from each other's servers


  • This is a proof of concept, not even "alpha" quality yet
    • Currently the simplest possible implementation
  • I have skipped some error checking in places
  • File formats and directory layouts subject to change
    • Although I intend to increment the version number for every breaking change, both for local data and published data formats

Building and running

See operator-manual.md.


To be determined; likely AGPL.