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Javascript utilities.

So far, just the excellent QueryString lib by Jan Wolter, with a few modifications by Tim McCormack. Documentation is at top of file and as JSDoc on functions.


Read and write querystrings while preserving pair order, multiply-occurring keys, missing vs. empty vals, and original encoding. The QueryString object is immutable and presents a builder API to make reasoning about your code as easy as possible.

// On page with querystring ??a=b&foo=bar&blank=&foo=baz&missing&&&
>>> var qs = new QueryString(); // == new QueryString(
>>> qs.values('foo')
["bar", "baz"]
>>> qs.pairs()
[["?a", "b"], ["foo", "bar"], ["blank", ""], ["foo", "baz"], ["missing", null]]

// Build and serialize
>>> var base ="format", "html").plus("=a=", "");
>>> base.toString()

// Immutable
>>> var altered = base.minus('=a=');
>>> altered.toString()
>>> base.value('=a=')