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Gallery website generator for KPhotoAlbum

Takes a KPhotoAlbum (previously KimDaBa) database and generates a set of thumbnails and a sqlite database for my pellucida gallery website to use.

The read command causes KPAWebGen to read a v3 compressed index.xml and shadow it in a SQLite file, generating and preserving unique image IDs. Documentation on that database format may be found in ./doc/

The localweb command invokes the next phase: Reading the shadow DB and transforming it into a gallery DB (also SQLite3), then creating thumbnails for images that were not filtered out. Only changes since the last localweb invocation are replayed in thumbnail management. The gallery DB format is documented in ./doc/

Finally, publish-s3 pushes the images and database out to Amazon S3.

Version 0.3.0.


Clojure portions built with Leiningen 2.x.

Python portions require python 2.7 (but are translatable to Py3K) and the sqlite3 bindings.


Run make test to run all Python and Clojure tests, including integration tests.

You can also load integration tests and experiment with them:

testbed/ base
bin/ testbed/cleanroom/conf/settings.json read
bin/ testbed/cleanroom/conf/settings.json localweb


© 2011–2016 Tim McCormack

Licensing to be determined. Ask, if you're interested!

Built against libraries licensed under the Eclipse Public License v1.0, the MIT License, the Apache License v2.0, and the GNU Library General Public License v2. All licenses are included in the ./doc/licenses/ directory.