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Macro Problem Sets Solutions

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Solutions to the computation exercises are found in the following notebooks. To view these notebooks simply press the render notebook button. If you like to play around with these notebooks online simply press the launch binder button (note that the building process can take a few minutes). (In case one of the links fails you can also view the notebook by simply opening the file; that will always work.)

Problem Set binder nbviewer
1 Binder
2 Binder
3 Binder
4 Binder
5 Binder

How to Contribute

You can contribute to this repository by uploading alternative solutions, corrected mistakes or solutions to new exercises. Feel free to do so using the pull request strategy. That is, after cloning the repository you create a feature branch and then on the repository webpage you create a pull request for that feature branch. Once you are happy with your solution you ask for a code review and we will then merge the feature branch onto main. For any questions on this process contact timmens.

Run Notebooks Locally

If you want to run the notebooks on your local machine you need to install all packages that are listed in the file environment.yml. This works easiest when using the conda package manager (or mamba if you know what you're doing). Assuming you installed conda you simply open your favorite terminal emulator and run (line by line)

$ conda env create -f environment.yml
$ conda activate macro

Now you should be able to start and execute the notebooks from inside the terminal session.


Repository containing material for our macro study group.



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