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Universal autoscroll - alt.ahk
Universal autoscroll.ahk


Universal autoscroll

Universal autoscroll is an AutoHotkey script that adds so-called "autoscrolling" to any Windows application. You may already know this feature from Firefox or Word: It lets you scroll by holding down your middle-mouse button; the further you move your mouse from the place where you initially middle-clicked, the faster you'll go. If you find mouse wheels a bit tedious/slow to use (or don't have one), give this script a whirl. Universal autoscroll should work whereever your regular mousewheel works; it also supports both vertical and horizontal scrolling.

Some things to note:

  • Scroll speed depends directly on the settings of your mouse wheel. If you find you're scrolling way too fast or slow, just toy with your mouse's settings. (Go to Start > Control Panel > Mouse > Wheel)
  • Universal autoscroll will interfere with applications that already support middle-mouse autoscrolling (, meaning that you may end up scrolling too fast). If possible, try to disable autoscrolling in those applications. If not, the AutoHotkey script can be modified to exclude certain applications.