Smart IoT Power Outlet
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Smart IoT Power Outlet

PhantPower is a smart outlet that removes all phantom power that results from charging smartphones, tablets and laptops. Phantom power results from the standby power when devices are left plugged in when not being used and/or charged. We believe in saving energy one PhantPower at a time! The outlet can also be turned on or off from anywhere in the world using a Pebble, Myo, Android device, or computer. However, our technology has broad applications in home automation and assistive technologies. People with disabilities can use our device to safely control outlets.

Each app is in their own respective branch.

PhantPower uses a Sparkcore and a Sparkcore relay shield to control the outlet. The apps for the Myo and the pebble were built for android (java, xml). The pebble application was built in cloudpebble (c), and the desktop app was built with python. All communications between devices are done through REST.

Fun fact, PhantPower can be controlled with Yo! and IFTTT.

PhantPower was initially built by Tim Mui, Akshay Parelkar, Evelyn Sham, Alex Wen at UofT Hacks 2015.