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v0.0.1, 02/05/2012 -- Initial release.
v0.0.2, 05/03/2013 -- Made small bug fixes
v0.0.3, 05/03/2013 -- Fixed submodule issues
v0.0.4, 06/06/2013 -- Updated pagedown submodule & simplified edited CSS, fixed issue #10
v0.0.5, 10/10/2013 -- Python 3 support, separate javascript init script for widget and other bugs
v0.1.0, 13/03/2014 -- Added ability to better customize widgets (template/css/preview). Added better static files integration (thanks to Ivan VenOsdel)
v0.1.1, 10/12/2015 -- Updated CSS to match new Django 1.9 flat admin theme. Cleaned up documentation. Added ability to load pagedown-extras. Merged some PRs
v0.1.2, 25/07/2016 -- Merged a PR fixing a Django warning. Thanks to @sobolevn
v0.1.3, 11/04/2017 -- Merged a PR fixing Django 1.11 issue. Thanks to @andrroy