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Docker Images for Robotics

This repository contains images related to Robotics development.

Fedora Robotics Image

This image is based on the Docker Fedora image. It additionally adds a number of packages relevant to develop and run robotics software on Fedora. In particular, it is suitable to build and use ROS and Fawkes. It also contains packages from copr repos for planners, Plexil, OpenPRS, and Clingo.

Fedora ROS Image

This image is based on the Fedora Robotics Image. A build downloads and installs ROS from the ROS copr.

Fawkes Robotino Image

This image is based on the Fedora ROS image. It adds all software required to run the RoboCup Logistics League Simulation based on the Fawkes RCLL release.

Fawkes Build Environment and Builder Images

The fawkes-buildenv image provides an environment to build further images that contain Fawkes. It provides build scripts and patches crucial for the release.

The fawkes-builder image is used for continuous integration builds through buildkite. It contains the largest amount of prerequisites of Fawkes as possible to maximize the coverage of the builds.

Kubernetes Cluster

Some images are used for the RCLL Simulation Cluster based on Kubernetes to run RCLL games fully automated. It has been used, for example, for the Planning and Execution Competition for Logistics Robots in Simulation held at ICAPS 2017 and ICAPS 2018.


Docker images related to robotics



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