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Uni Sorter

** Introduction
This PalmOS applications demonstrates and visualizes
some of the standard sorting algorithms used today.

To get more information please read the file help_main.txt in this directory.
It is also available by tapping on the help button (the one with the ? in the
upper right corner).

This software is licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 2.
Read the file LICENSE for more details.

** Installation
Please read the file INSTALL if you just want to install Uni Sorter on your
PalmOS handheld device.

** Compilation
If you want to compile UniSorter you have to get a few things in place first.
Those are:
- Linux (it may work on other OS but it has only been tested on Linux)
- PalmOS SDK 4 plus Updates (
- PilRC (
- PRC Tools (
  (This also contains the needed cross compilers, I have compiled on
  i386 hardware)
- Optional (but strongly recommended to not blast your Palm to Nirvana):
  POSE (

There is a Makefile that you should edit to fit your needs.
If everything is in place give it a try and type "make" in the source
directory. If that results in a new UniSorter.prc file then you are done
and can start hacking the code. Happy Hacking.

Tim Niemueller <>
Aachen, August 1st 2002

$Id: README,v 1.1 2003/02/10 23:15:15 tim Exp $


UniSorter for PalmOS (no longer maintained)







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