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=== WP User Sentry ===
Contributors: tnash
Tags: login, email, sessions
Requires at least: 5.3
Tested up to: 6.0
Requires PHP: 7.0
Stable tag: trunk
License: GPLv2 or later
License URI:

Sends an email to the user, as they login, and provides an overview of sessions in profile
== Description ==
WP User Sentry has three features:

= Email =
Emails the user’s email address, as set in their profile, on successful login.
Email provides information about the login, the time/browser/operating system and IP
Optionally get location from remote third party service.

= Profile View =
Generates a table, from the "session data" for a user, to shows when they logged in and their session information including:
- Login Time
- Browser
- Operating System
- Expiry Time (when the session is due to expire)

= Settings Page =
Provides settings for the plugin under wp-admin->settings->WP User Sentry

Configure if you wish to use a third party GEOAPI provider for determining country
Configure which roles should have on login notifications enabled
Configure the email being sent
Configure If the email should be sent, if an existing session with the same useragent and IP exists.

= Actions & Filters =

Here is a list of action and filter hooks provided by the plugin:

- `wp_user_sentry_notify` Filter to change if email should be sent return is bool, additional info user ID.
- `wp_user_sentry_email_message` Filter to change the email message generated by the plugin.
- `wp_user_sentry_email` Filter to change the email array generated by the plugin prior to sending mail.

== Screenshots ==

== Changelog ==
1.1.0 - 28th May 2020
 - [New Feature] WooCommerce GEOAPI integration for determinging country
 - [New Feature] Modify Subject field
 - [New Feature] Send Test Email
 - [New Feature] Added notify_login_roles to allow plugins/themes to filter if email should be sent
1.0.0 - 5th May 2020
 - Released on
0.4.0 - 3rd May 2020
 - Change Name to WP User Sentry
 - Refactored to separate classes
 - [New Feature] Option to select which roles should be notified on logins.
 - [New Feature] Configuring email via settings
 - [New Feature] Disable sending emails, if already logged in with same IP/Browser combo
0.3.0 - 9th April 2020
 - [New Feature] Setting page to allow using third party services to get IP address.
 - [New Feature] getting Country from IP using
0.2.0 - 9th April 2020
 - [Bug Fix] Removed spurious class names from table
 - [Bug Fix] Added colspan 5 to table when no sessions exist (props @philmorrow)
 - [Bug Fix] Fixed typo in email (props @babsaul)
0.1.0 - 9th April 2020 - Initial Development Version


Enhanced Monitoring for WordPress Logins








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