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# coding: utf-8
# The dwmstatusline utility module.
# Written by Timo Paulssen
from subprocess import check_call, call, PIPE
import time
from random import choice
PREVIOUS = object()
def pretty_progressbar(fraction, charsize):
"""Generate a progressbar with accompanying percentage value.
fraction should be a value between 0 and 1.
charsize is the amount of space free for the status bar.
For optimum results, do not try to generate bars shorter than 15
# Remove one char on each side for the brackets and one in the middle.
charsize -= 3
# Remove five characters for a percentage, too.
charsize -= 5
# Make sure it's round so that we don't accidentally have wiggly status
# bars.
bar1size = int(fraction * charsize)
bar2size = charsize - bar1size
return "[%s%s%s] %03d%%" % (
"=" * bar1size,
" " * bar2size,
fraction * 100)
def animate(delay, text):
"""Run an animator to the text."""
previous = yield PREVIOUS
animator = choice(transitions)
yield animator(previous, text)
def wait(delay, text):
"""Wait before displaying the text."""
yield text
statuses = []
transitions = []
def status_func(func):
"""A decorator to add a function to our statuses list."""
global statuses
return func
def register_if_installed(command):
"""Only install this status func if the command exists in PATH."""
if call(["which", command], stdout=PIPE) == 0:
return status_func
return lambda x: x
def transition_func(func):
"""A decorator to add a function to our transitions list."""
global transitions
return func
def dwm_set_status(text):
"""This function allows us to set the text of the status line."""
check_call(["xsetroot", "-name", text])
class DelayedUpdateDisplay(object):
delay = 300
def __init__(self):
if not self.checkInstall():
global statuses
self.last_update = 0
def checkInstall(self):
"""Check wether to install this status func."""
print "checkInstall(self) not implemented by %s." % (self.__class__.__name__,)
return False
def __call__(self):
"""Do the displaying."""
if time.time() > self.last_update + self.delay:
for res in
yield res
def call(self):
yield wait(1, "call(self) not implemented by %s." % (self.__class__.__name__),)
print "call(self) not implemented by %s." % (self.__class__.__name__,)
def __update__(self):
self.last_update = time.time()
def update(self):
"""Update the data."""
print "update(self) not implemented by %s." % (self.__class__.__name__,)