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cellular automata simulator framework and application
Python Shell
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This is zasim, a python package for simulating and experimenting with
cellular automata.

After installing, run

    zasim_cli --help


    zasim_gui --help

for a quick overview of what zasim has to offer.

Look at docs/tutorial/installation.rst for help on installation or read
docs/tutorial/invocation.rst for info on how to use zasim.

Get an overview from docs/index.rst, generate a html documentation using
sphinx either from tox with

    tox -e docs

or with

    cd docs
    make html

In order to get a complete documentation, you still need to generate the logo
image from the svg using inkscape with the following commands:

# create the compilation animation picture like this:
inkscape -f docs/logo.svg -i snake -j -C -e zasim/idle.png
# create the logo for the documentation with this command:
inkscape -e docs/_templates/logo.png -C -w 175 -h 175 docs/logo.svg

Visit the homepage of zasim at, which is basically
just the generated html documentation put up on a webserver.

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