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Find a domain name which can be constructed
by only using a given set of characters.
In this case these characters are those which look
similar in the cyrillic and latin alphabet and thus
can be used for a IDN homograph attack.
import sys
import csv
import codecs
import subprocess
cyrillic_latin_match = {
'a': 'а',
'e': 'е',
'h': 'һ',
'i': 'і',
'j': 'ј',
'l': 'ӏ',
'o': 'о',
'p': 'р',
'r': 'г',
's': 'ѕ',
'w': 'ԝ',
'x': 'х',
'y': 'у'
def parse_domains(filename):
Parse a CSV file with domains
in the format of:
Rank, URL, Linking Root Domains, External Links, mozRank, mozTrust
Download CSV from:
print('Parsing domains from {0}'.format(filename))
domains = []
with open(filename, 'r') as csvfile:
reader = csv.reader(csvfile)
for row in reader:
url = row[1]
if url == 'URL': # that's the header
domain_name, tld = url.rstrip('/').rsplit('.', maxsplit=1)
domains.append((domain_name, tld))
return domains
def match(domains, characters, only_available=False):
Match if one of the given domains only
consists of the given character set.
for domain_name, tld in domains:
if set(domain_name).issubset(characters):
cyrillic_name = ''
for c in domain_name:
cyrillic_name += cyrillic_latin_match[c]
punycode = codecs.encode(cyrillic_name, 'punycode').decode('utf-8')
punycode_url = f'xn--{punycode}.{tld}'
subprocess.check_call(['whois', punycode_url], stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.PIPE)
except subprocess.CalledProcessError:
is_registered = False
is_registered = True
if is_registered and only_available:
available = '' if is_registered else ''
print(f'{available} --> found {domain_name}.{tld} -> {cyrillic_name}.{tld} (Punycode: {punycode_url}) (unicode: {cyrillic_name.encode("utf-8")})')
if __name__ == '__main__':
domains = parse_domains(sys.argv[1])
match(domains, cyrillic_latin_match.keys(), only_available='--only-available' in sys.argv)