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envlist = lint,manifest,py27,py35,py36,py37,docs,coverage-report
# Prevent random setuptools/pip breakages like
# from breaking our builds.
setenv =
extras = {env:TOX_AP_TEST_EXTRAS:tests}
commands = coverage run --parallel -m pytest {posargs}
basepython = python3.7
skip_install = true
deps = coverage
commands =
coverage combine
coverage report
basepython = python3.7
skip_install = true
deps = pre-commit
passenv = HOMEPATH # needed on Windows
commands = pre-commit run --all-files
basepython = python3.7
extras = docs
commands =
sphinx-build -W -b html -d {envtmpdir}/doctrees docs/source docs/_build/html
;sphinx-build -W -b doctest -d {envtmpdir}/doctrees docs/source docs/_build/html
basepython = python3.7
deps = check-manifest
skip_install = true
commands = check-manifest
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