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A build monitor for the TeamCity continuous integration server
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Public life in the Team City

Piazza is a build monitor plugin for the JetBrains TeamCity continuous integration server. Piazza provides a high-visibility display of the current state of the build to alert the team as soon as the build breaks.

For any build, Piazza displays:

  • The project and build name
  • The current build number
  • Whether the build is "red" or "green"
  • Textual success/failure indication for the colour-blind
  • Whether the Team City server is currently building
  • The changes that caused the current build to be kicked off
  • Pictures of the team members that made those changes
  • The progress of the build
  • The build step that the Team City agent is currently running
  • The number of passed, failed and ignored tests

Piazza can also display an overview of all the builds in a project.

The plugin supports the Feature Branch feature of TeamCity.


  1. Download the Piazza plugin zip file
  2. Open TeamCity Server website and go to 'Administration > Plugins List'
  3. Click 'Upload plugin zip'
  4. Choose the Piazza plugin zip file and save it to '<TeamCity Data Directory>/plugins', which is preselected
  5. Restart TeamCity Server
  6. For every build configuration you want to see in Piazza go to 'Build Configuration Settings > General Settings', click 'Show advanced options' and 'enable status widget' Enable status widget

More information available from the TeamCity documentation: Installing Additional Plugins

Use Piazza Build Monitor

Go to a project page to see all build configurations in the monitor or choose a single build configuration and click on the 'Team Piazza Build Monitor' link: Launch Piazza Build Monitor



Team Piazza in Action

If you have a picture of a running Team Piazza installation we would love to present a photo of it.

Team Piazza installation Team Piazza installation 2


Video Software Success Disciplines.03 - Continuous Integration 4/4

Screencast by Mike Hogan of Software Confidence.


Team Piazza is licensed under the GPL3. If that license causes difficulties, create an issue to discuss alternative license options.

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